Greenhouse Heated Plant Yard

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This large greenhouse covering is composed of a PE woven cloth over a steel tube frame. It is ideal for plant cultivation as it maintains a consistent temperature that is essential for healthy plant growth. The PE cloth cover is also successful at protecting the inside plants from rain, snow and stormy weather. It ensures that your vegetables and flowers will flourish.



• Built of sturdy steel tube frame and PE cloth in stable construction

• Plants will live well in cold or hot weather, plants’ growing season will also be increased.

• 6 breathable windows are helpful for smooth air ventilation

• Durable frame allows for convenient mobility of changing location

• PE cloth door can be rolled for easy entrance and getting out.

• Comes with 4 pull ropes and 4 ground nails for stable fixation on earth

• Comes with 4 reinforcing pipes and 5 cross bar






Deep Green


Steel tube frame, PE cloth

Overall Dimension

11.5’L x 6.6’W x 6.6’H

Window Size   

1.3’L x 1.3’W

Door Size

3.6’L x 6.2’W

Net / Gross Weight

30.9 lbs / 35.27 lbs

Package Dimension

150L x 39W x 13H (cm)

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