Hydroponic Plant Grow Tent Reflective Mylar Obeservation Window

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Let your plants make high-efficiency use of growing light source to promote their growth with this Hydroponic Grow Tent from Outsunny. Designed to control the climate and lighting so you can grow any plants in any place during any season. Made from high density 600D Oxford fabric with an interior layer of highly reflective lining for maximized light and temperature control. Features a sturdy metal frame with heavy-duty support bars for hanging grow lights. Large heavy duty zippers and double stitching seams for protection against light leaks. Removable floor tray makes cleaning easier.


  • ● Lined with 98%-reflective mylar blocking light from escaping and retaining heat with the use of light inside to help with plants growth
  • ● Tear-proof oxford fabric with double stitched seams to stop natural light and pests from getting in
  • ● Large heavy duty zippers for protection against light leaks
  • ● Reinforced metal frame keeps it stable and secure
  • ● The observation window makes it easier to observe plant growth inside
  • ● The ventilation openings in the upper corner to handle cables and for air circulation by exhaust fan ducting hose carbon filter etc
  • ● Detachable waterproof floor tray for easy cleaning
  • ● Three vents with spring clips size adjustable
  • ● Includes a tool bag for storage of your tools and accessories
  • ● Easy installation is required


  • ● Material: 600D oxford cloth steel
  • ● Color: Black green
  • ● Product Dimension: 47.25"L x 23.5"W x 59"H
  • ● Door Size: 40.25"W x 51.25"H
  • ● Upper Vents Size: Φ6" Φ7.75"
  • ● Bottom Vents: 7"L x 11.75"W
  • ● Observation Window Size: 11.75"L x 11.75"W
  • ● Steel Pole: Φ0.65" x 0.03T"
  • ● Cable Hole: Φ4"
  • ● Net Weight: 15.4lbs.