Vegetable Plant Growing Outdoor House

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This solid greenhouse constructed of durable polycarbonate is ideal for plants to survive the winter. With a transparent cover which allows the sunlight to reach your plants and flowers, it can protect your plants from too much heat or cold, shield your plants from dust and gale. This also makes it suitable for creating the so-called “greenhouse effect”. The greenhouse has strong and maintenance-free steel construction and is easy to assemble.



• Made of high quality steel frame and cover, sturdy and durable

• With ultraviolet-proof and anti-aging function, offering long lasting durability

• Use to grow more of your own produce, reducing the environmental impact of food

• Having a transparent cover which allows sunlight to reach in

• With 2 single sliding doors on the back and front

• Large enough to accommodate a high number of plants and vegetables

• Easy assembly is required



• Materials: Steel, PE

• Colour: Dark Green

• Overall Dimension: 236.2"L×118.1"W×78.7"H

• Door Size: 59.1"W×78.7"H

• Net Weight: 114.4lbs