Ventless Bio Ethanol Fireplace Recessed

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This modern styled Bio-ethanol fireplace is a perfect solution for anyone who wants a fireplace without the need for chimneys. Its compact design lets you place it in any part of your room, restaurant or even the office. No construction or permits are required, just hang it up and you are ready to use. Made out the highest quality stainless steel it will give you a long lasting, yet luxurious feel to any environment.


● Vent-free ethanol fireplace does not need electric, gas, chimney or gel cans to operate
● 2 Insert firebox with 3 liter capacity can produces 15000 BTUs to warm a room up to 323 square feet
● Bio ethanol fireplace requires no electric, gas, chimney, venting or fireplace gel cans
● A clean and environment friendly way to experience the joy of real fire in the comfort of your home
● Open real flame burns completely ventless, soot free, ash free, easily light and extinguish
● Including 2 rectangular burners with open/close firebox with tool to safely extinguish flame
● Fuel to be used: Denatured Alcohol, Biofuels, Bio Ethanol Gel, Alcohol
● Minimal installation is required


● Colour: Silver
● Material: Stainless steel
● Dimensions: 43.3"L × 21.3H × 5.7"W
● Burner volume: 2 x 1.5L
● Thermal efficiency value: 4400W
● Coverage: 269-323sqf
● Net Weight: 28.6lbs